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Best Cable Cutters for Bikes without Fraying

Cutting, Shorting, or replacing a bike cable comes up at some point when working on your bike. But not having the proper tool to do you brake or derailleur cable most times can be an impossible task. To do this the right way you need to have the best cable cutter for bike repairs that will give you a clean and easy cut.

There is a wide range of bike cable cutters on the market. With this article we have decided to compile a list of our favorite cable cutters for bikes you can buy online today.  During our research, we have found these cable cutters to be in high demand and favored by cyclists and bike repair technicians.

 Park Tool CN-10 Professional Cable & Housing Cutter

Park Tool CN-10 Professional Bicycle Cable and Housing Cutter

These pair of cable cutters from Park Tool gives you a terrific amount of cutting power. It’s made specifically for doing cable and housing repair work when you need a clean cut every uses.  Its precision ground cutting jaws are cold forged and its handle is heat-treated for strength

The CN-10 Cable cutter is built with a crimper for cable end caps and housing ferrules which help cable glide smoothly.

The CN-10 Cable bike cutter will handle up to 3mm cables and 5mm housing.

Pros: Cuts neat, built-in crimper and housing ferrules, portable

Cons: Housing may need some dressing after a cut

SHIMANO TL-CT12 Cable Cutter for Bikes

SHIMANO TL-CT12 Cable Cutters

The SHIMANO TL-CT12 Cable Cutter does a pretty good job at cutting your bicycle brake cables with no-fray ends and pinching your end cap in a clean fashion.

Constructed from chrome-plated carbon steel the TL-CT12 is durable, resistant to corrosion and rust. Featuring a integrated crimper, a safety latch handle and a needle for reshaping housing after cutting the Shimano cable cutter is worth the investment.

Pros: built-in crimper, reliable and solid cut.

Cons: High price point, has the potential of crushing the housing too much before cutting through it

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Felco Cable Cutter

Felco Cable Cutter (F C3) - Felco Cable Cutter (F C7) - Heavy Duty Strength Steel Wire One-Hand Cable Cutter with Non-Slip Grip (7mm)

Established in Switzerland, the Felco Company has built a good reputation for themselves when it comes to cutting tools. The F C7 model Felco Cable Cutter is a heavy duty steel wire cutter that’s built to cut up to a 4mm or 5/32 cables.

Its unique triangular jaws for cutting gives a precision cut every time you use it with no frayed end on cut cable. It has a special shape non slip handle that’s designed to minimize stress on your hand after the job.

Thought the F C7 cutter has the highest price tag of cutters on our list, it’s worth the investment for a tool that will last a long time.

Pros: cuts up to 4mm cable, efficient cutting, no fray cuts, it has a safety lock.

Cons: High price point

IceToolz Cable Cutters

IceToolz Cable Cutters for bikes

If you are on a low budget for a cable cutter that will cut brake, derailleur cables and housing then the IceToolz Cable Cutters is what you need. It’s not ideal for regular use, but it will also get the job done.

The Ice Tool Cutter features a cushion grip handle for a comfortable grip and a safety lock to keep the jaws close when not in use. What we find is that most uses of this product find it to perform very well, compare to its low price tag.

Pros: Low cost

Cons: Dulls very fast when use often

Knipex Tools 95 61 190 SBA Wire Rope Cutters

Knipex Tools 95 61 190 SBA Wire Rope Cutters

Knipex Tools SBA Wire Rope Cutters is one of our best cable cutters for bikes that crimp die caps and end ferrules. This cutter weighs 10.9 ounces and has the capacity to cut 5/32-inch iron wire and 1/5 wire rope.

Due to its unique shape the Knipex cutter offers a smooth cut on cables while limiting stress on your hands. It features an opening spring between its jaws and a locking safety lever to keep the jaws close when not in use.

For a clean and consistent cut complement your bicycle tool kit bag with this amazing cable and housing cutter.

Pros: Reliable, powerful cutting leverage, clean cut

Cons: Locking mechanism that keeps the jaws close for storage breaks before time.

XLC Pro Cable and Housing Cutter for Bikes

XLC Pro Cable and Housing Cutter

The XLC Pro is a cable and housing cutter that is constructed from case hardened steel that adheres to form and function. Steel blades are normally sturdy and extremely capable of cutting.

The XLC Pro will give you a smooth even un-frayed cable cut and is perfect for brake, derailleur cable and their housings only.

If you are looking for an affordable solution for getting the job done on brake and derailleur cable and housing repair, this is a good choice.

Pros: Safe lock jaw mechanism, comfortable Vinyl Grips, clean cut

Cons: Can’t compress housing ferrule

Jagwire Pro Cable Crimper & Cutter

Jagwire Pro Cable Cutter and crimper for bikes

The Jagwire Pro Cable Crimper and Cutter is a professional and unique design bicycle cable cutter that will give thousands of smooth clean cuts. Whether you are working on your brakes or gear shift it is important that you have a cable cutter that is capable of making fray-free cuts.

It features hardend steel cutting blade that’s engineered for long-term usage and ergonomic handles that limits hand stress.

It also features a cable end sleeve crimper but, does not come with a housing ferrule crimper.

Pros: Integrated closure hook, steel cutting blades, built-in crimper

Cons: No housing ferrule crimper, handle too short

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