Best Compact Camera For Cycling
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7 Best Compact Camera For Cycling

Cycling is not just a hobby but an experience. An experience which we would love to document. Either for the sake of sharing or mastering one’s skill. And the best way to go about such by getting the best compact camera for cycling.

Not just any camera, but a cycling camera. Why? Because cycling cameras are action cameras.

By now, you are probably asking what’s the difference between action camera and normal camera?“.

Action cameras are the ones associated with sports and other outdoor activities. They are best at documenting moments where you are immersed in the action. And it’s done in such a way the camera shoots from the perspective of which the user prefers (point of view). They can also be easily mounted for uninterrupted recording. You can attach them to your helmet, handlebars, and some other parts.

With that said, you can now see there’s no point in trying to improvise with a regular camera. You are to look for a special camera which is best for your cycling activities. 

The good news, there are lots of cycling cameras. The bad news is, not all of them are up to par. And they’re too many to choose from. In this post, we are going to guide you into choosing the best for you. Along with reviews of 7 best compact camera for cycling. 

7 Best Budget Action Camera for Cycling You Can Buy Right Now


CameraMegapixelsMax. ResolutionSensorsWaterproof DepthBattery
AKASO EK7000124k@30fpsWi-Fi30.5m1050mAh x2
Crosstour CT9500204K@50fpsWi-Fi, EIS40m1350mAh   x2
Campark X20204K@30fpsWi-Fi, EIS40m1050mAh x2
GoPro Hero5124K@30fpsWi-Fi, bluetooth10m1220mAh
AKASO Brave 4204K@24fpsWi-Fi, EIS30.5m1050mAh x2
APEMAN A80204k@30fpsWi-Fi, EIS40m1050mAh x2
Victure AC700204k@30fpsEIS40m1050mAh

Best Cheap Cycling Camera

AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera Ultra HD compact camera for cycing

AKASO EK7000 WiFi Sports Action Camera

If you wish to document your biking experience most conveniently and impressively, then you should consider this masterpiece. It is a compact cycling camera with a wide touchscreen display. Capable of providing action footage in 4k resolution. The camera has a wide enough field of view for making expansive captures. This is possible due to its 170° lens.

Another feature to keep you going is the camera’s impressive battery life. The camera has 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. Each of these batteries allows you to record up to 90 minutes of content.

The AKASO EK7000 also comes with various mounts, which is great for convenience. Some of the mounts connect the camera directly to your bike. It could be either on the bike frame or handlebar. There’s even a helmet mount available if you desire a higher and wider point of view. 

Another feature to look at is the camera’s ease of use. This stems from the camera’s interactive touchscreen display. And it’s built-in Wi-Fi (10 meters range) with HDMI port for easy content sharing.

Pros: easy to use, affordable, up to 4k resolution, 180 minutes of 1080p footage, wide field of view, WiFi & HDMI.

Cons: no Bluetooth, no remote.

Best Value Cycling Camera

Crosstour CT9500 Native 4K50FPS Action Camera 20MP WiFi Waterproof Camera Underwater 40M with EIS, 2x1350mAh Batteries and Accessories Kit

Crosstour CT9500 Native 4K50FPS Action Camera

Mountain biking is rough. There’s a lot of shaking as you go uphill or downhill. Apart from clear footage, you also need stability which is what the Crosstour CT9500 action camera provides. This is possible as the camera possesses a built-in special feature known as the electronic image stability (EIS). Which works with a gyroscope to keep your footage stable as you move fast and shake vigorously.

If the camera happens to fall off, do not worry as it possesses a sturdy build. The casing is rugged and waterproof of up to 40 meters of immersion. Thus making it great for wet biking sessions. 

Another feature to look at the display. The camera provides 4k resolution as you would see from its wide display. Its optical lens has a wider field of view with a wide-angle of 170°. So you get to document expansive images. But not for more than 90 minutes (two 1350mAh rechargeable batteries).

Also, you get to share your content only via WiFi (10-meter range) and HDMI.

Pros: Great value image stability, up to 4k resolution, affordable, 180 minutes of 1080p footage, wide field of view, mountable, WiFi & HDMI.

Cons: no Bluetooth, Not touchscreen, no remote.

Best Budget Action Camera for Cycling

【Upgrade】 Campark X20 Action Camera Native 4K Ultra HD 20MP with EIS Stablization Touch Screen Remote Control Waterproof Camera 40M 2 Batteries and Professional Accessories Compatible with goproCampark X20 Action Camera

Here’s another affordable piece with lots of effective features. One of them is the touchscreen display. It captures crisp footage which ranges from 1080p to 4K. It is only able to capture up to 90 minutes of 1080p and 60 minutes of 4K with its 1050mAh battery. If you’re really into capturing expansive images, the Campark X20 possesses a wide-angle lens of 170°.

Another great feature of this camera is the image stabilization it provides. Thanks to its smart gyroscope which makes the camera suitable for rough outdoor treading. You get to enjoy smooth footage as you progress. Durability is also this camera’s favorable feature. As you would see in its sturdy build. Also, the camera is waterproof  (40 meters deep).

You can mount this camera on your helmet or your bike for convenience. As both helmet bike mounting kits are available. Sharing is hard with this camera as it only supports Wi-Fi. No HDMI or Bluetooth connection.

Pros: Budget friendly, touchscreen, long battery life, affordable, durable, Wi-Fi, wide field of view, mountable, up to 4k resolution, image stabilization, remote (10-meter).

Cons: no buttons, not Bluetooth compliance, no HDMI port.

Best Gopro Camera for CyclingGoPro Hero5 Black (E-Commerce Packaging)

 GoPro Hero5

This is a sleek compact GoPro camera. Perfect for all your cycling sessions. Its best feature is the high-quality footage it provides. As the GoPro records with a resolution of up to 4K. Which is for a maximum of an hour or less. 

Lens offers a wider angle view which is great for expansive images. This same lens can’t be used to zoom out footage. Also, the camera provides special functions. Such as video stabilization so your footage remains stable even if you tread on rough terrains.  

The GoPro Hero5 is a durable piece that can survive a certain level of impact. Thanks to strong housing. Another fact is that this piece is waterproof (10 meters deep). Thus making it great for wet weather conditions.   

One other great feature about the GoPro Hero 5 Black is its convenience. You can share the camera’s content via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also, the GoPro Hero5 is voice-activated. Which is perfect for on-the-go use.

Pros: easy to use, mountable, wide field of view, durable, voice control, battery life, both touchscreen and button, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi compliant.

Cons: no HDMI port, can’t zoom in, no remote.

Best Cycling Helmet Camera

AKASO Brave 4 WiFi Budget Action Camera for Cycling with EIS AKASO Brave 4 Wifi Action Camera

Here’s another model of an AKASO camera on our list. It’s not so much different from the EK7000. But the difference is significant enough to make the Brave 4 better. The difference is the special features it possesses. Such as image stabilization which is possible due to the camera’s smart gyroscope. With that in place, smooth uninterrupted (no shaking) footage is guaranteed.

Another special feature is the AKASO Brave 4 adjustable optical lens. It has a wide field of view as the view angle is 170° which can be adjusted down from 140° to 70°. 

Its display is quite wide and crisp. As you can view your footage in 4k or 1080p depending on your choice. The camera’s battery life is the same as the AKASO EK7000 which captures 90minutes 1080p footage. But just 60minutes of 4K footage.  

Pros: can be mounted on both helmet & bike, wide & adjustable field of view, long battery life (1050 mAh batteries), image stabilization, waterproof (30 meters), supports HDMI & Wi-Fi transfer, best budget action camera.

Cons: no Bluetooth, not touchscreen.


Best Small Cycling Camera

APEMAN A80 Action Camera 4K 20MP Wi-Fi Sports Cam 4X Zoom EIS 40M Waterproof Underwater Camcoder with 19 Accessories and Carring Case, for Yutube/Vlog Videos, PC Webcam

APEMAN A80 Action Camera 4K

APEMAN has a reputation for manufacturing top-quality small action cameras that are great for most activities and even outdoor activities like biking. The camera’s durable casing is evidence of this as It’s waterproof. It can withstand up to 40 meters of immersion. This is a plus. Why? If it happens to rain as you bike or fall into a mud puddle, you don’t have to worry about damage.

The display on the APEMAN A80 is impressive as you can view and capture content from 1080p to 4k. Battery Life is great with up to 90minutes of 1080p recording and 60minutes of 4k recording. 

You can attach this camera directly on your bike or your helmet for a better or wider field of view. Speaking of the field of view, the APEMAN A80 possesses an adjustable lens that offers a range of view angles from 170° to 70°.

Pros: mountable on helmet and bike, Wi-Fi & HDMI port, durable casing, button-operated, built-in smart gyroscope, decent battery life.

Cons: no Bluetooth, not touchscreen.

Best Sports Camera For Cycling

Victure AC700 4K 20MP Action Camera, compact camera for cycling

Victure AC700 4K 20MP Action Camera

Victure may not be a popular brand but it’s a developing one that sought to manufacture cost-effective action cameras.  Such as the victure AC700 which possesses the necessary features you need in a sport cycling camera. 

The first feature you should look at is the display. Victure AC700 offers footage that ranges from 1080p up to crisp 4K. The field of view is also impressive as the lens provides a wide-angle of 170°. That’s about the same with most high-end cycling cameras.

Another great feature is the camera’s built-in Electronic Image stabilization technology. With that in place, your footage is sure to remain smooth despite the bumps and hills your tread on while mountain biking. The camera also comes with some special features such as wireless remote and an external microphone. For when you wish to make commentary while you tread.

Pros: waterproof, decent battery life, Wi-Fi, image stabilization, helmet mount, button-operated, wide FOV, durable build.

Cons: no Bluetooth, no HDMI port, the lens can’t zoom.

What To Consider Before Buying A Cycling Camera

Here are a few factors you should consider when shopping for the best compact camera for cycling:

Display and Resolution Requirement 

If you’re looking to view and adjust what your camera captures then you should get one with a display. You should also look out for display cameras that remain visible irrespective of weather conditions. 

Another display feature you can consider is resolution. In some cases, it’s not really a requirement. But only if you’re into professional videography or it’s just your preference. Then you should consider nothing less than 1080p. 4K offers a better experience but it’ll cost you more.

Mount Type 

When considering this factor you need to determine where you wish to mount your camera. Where do you think offers the best point of view? On the helmet? This is very common as it offers a better viewing angle. It captures the action from above. 

In some cases, cameras are mounted on the handlebar, frame, and some other part of a bike. 

Durability and Battery Life 

These two factors are important. Especially if you’re a long-distance mountain biker. You’ll need a durable camera. One with a weather-proof and impact-proof casing so as to keep your camera safe from damage. You would also need one with long-lasting battery life. Or enough battery life to meet your demands. 

Once you find a camera with such a feature, you don’t need to worry about sudden power downs. 


There are various cameras in the market which have different and multiple forms of connection. Some make use of Bluetooth, WiFi, ANT+, or even NCF (Near-field communication) to upload content or manipulate it.

Ease of Use 

Biking like all other sports requires complete concentration. To attain such you need a camera that’s easy to use while you’re on the Go. For instance, most cycling cameras come with a hands-on operation that could either be buttoned or touchscreen. Some high-end cycling cameras come with the hands-free operation (voice-operational) like some models of the GoPro.  

Also, some cycling cameras make use of certain accessories to ensure a better on-the-go experience. Accessories such as remotes controls and microphones.

Field of View

This is a very important factor to consider if you desire to capture a certain width of your surroundings. The field of view angle is measured in degrees. So the higher the angle the more of the surrounding you can capture. If it’s less you desire, a smaller field of view will suffice.  

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