Best Mountain bike shoes for good grip
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Best Mountain Bike Shoes That’s Proven to Enhance Your Next Ride

Adventure beckons and this season, it is the mountains that are calling us. When you have taken on all the roads in your area, perhaps it is time to look for something more challenging and mountain biking is the answer. However, you need to ensure that you are prepared. This list of SPD mountain bike shoes is just what the experts ordered.

The train for mountain biking is rough and rugged. Any slip could lead to accident of great proportions. The best way to navigate these tricky terrains is to ensure that your grip on the bike stays firm. First, you secure your grip on the handles with the right kind of gloves. Next, you keep your feet on the pedal with the right kind of shoes.

With so many shoe options today, how can you tell the best mountain bike shoes for you? We will get the answer to that in a few short minutes

3 of the Best SPD Mountain Bike Shoes for You

Sorting through this list was very difficult as I had so many classic favorites to choose from. However, it came down to their functionality and versatility in terms of performance and this was what I was able to come up with.

Five Ten Men’s Mountain Bike Shoe


Five Ten is known for its fantastic design of high-friction shoes. They understand what it means to be out in the great outdoors and they ensure that the shoes you put on your feet can meet up with the demands of your adventurous lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or a recreational cyclist, these brands of shoes come with a variety of options for you to choose from. And irrespective of your choice, you are guaranteed to have durable high-performance shoes.


  1. These pair of shoes have a unique rubber outsole that ensures your feet is firmly glued to the pedals when you are in motion
  2. They are stylish and come in seven different colors
  3. The upper part of the shoe is designed with suede and mesh to keep your feet cool and comfortable

Venzo Mountain Bike Shoe

Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Compatible with Shimano SPD Men or Women Shoes + Multi-Use Pedals - with MTB Type Clipless Cleats 45

If you are venturing into riding clipless, this is the best place to start. Think of them more as training shoes. The purchase price comes with a multipurpose pedal to help you adapt to whatever terrain you are riding in. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be up in the mountains to enjoy this type of shoes. If you are trying to navigate traffic, this pair of shoes would also come in handy.

If your commuting trails is a mix of bumps and rugged paths, the set of shoes will help you navigate those places smoothly with little effort.


  1. Each purchase comes with a pair of wellgo pedals
  2. The upper layer of the shoe is covered with a quick drying and highly breathable mesh and synthetic fabric
  3. The pedals and cleats are very easy to install and adjust

Gavin Mountain Bike Cycling Shoe

Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Indoor Fitness Cycling Shoes Mens Womens SPD

If you are just getting a head start in cycling, then these are the perfect pairs for you. Check out these beginner bikes while you are at it. You do not need to invest a lot of money in getting a pair of cycling shoes when you don’t even know if this is something that is going to become a part of you for a long time.

These cycling shoes make the experience good for you as they are comfortable and are also compatible with SPD . If nothing else, I would also recommend them for their style.

They can easily blend in today’s activewear fashion sense so that you don’t look too out of place in your gear, but at the same time it is practical enough to enrich your cycling experience.


  1. It is lightweight and cool making easy to wear on and off the bike
  2. The shoe fabric is made from synthetic microfiber leather and breathable mesh
  3. This pair are an excellent budget buy for comfort

How to Decide On the Best Product

Before we get to our lists, we need to go through a couple of things that you have to check before you commit to making a purchase. These things that I am going to talk about are some of the things that will ensure you have a good experience with your mountain bike shoes.

Get the right fit

On a normal day, ill-fitting shoes can affect your walking experience.

This is even worse when you get on a bike because, you will be engaging in a range of motions while at the same time trying to keep your body upright. Do check that the shoe you are getting is the perfect size; as in not too small, or not too big. But just right

Weather Conditions

When you are going out mountain bike riding, you need to ensure that you are prepared for the weather. This preparation also comes down to the kind of shoes you wear. Mountain bike shoes for summer are usually very aerated to prevent you from sweating. However, in the colder months those shoes cannot protect you from the cold.

The Kind of Pedal on Your Bike

Currently, there are two types of pedals for mountain bikes. You have the flat pedal and the clipless pedal. Each of these pedals requires a specific type of shoe to help you maneuver it successfully.

Flat pedals typically don’t require any special kind of shoes. So, regular SPD mountain bike shoes work. Clipless pedals on the other hand, have a specific requirement. So, check on this before you buy.

Check Your Budget

Mountain bike shoes is one of those things where cheap is never good. However, this doesn’t have to mean you should exceed the budget you have laid out for your shoes. If you do a thorough check on some of the things I have included in this list, you might be able to get the perfect one that does what you need it to do for the budget that you have.

These wheels that are under $500 would make sense for any cyclist on a budget.

Finding the right SPD mountain biking shoes might be a little tedious initially. But when you do get the right pair it, makes a whole lot of difference in your cycling experience.

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