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3 Best Entry Level Commuter Bike that Wont Beak Your Wallet

If you are just joining the biking community, welcome. I am guessing that top of your list right now would be trying to figure out the best entry level commuter bike for you. If this sounds like you, I dare say that coming here brings you one step closer to solving that problem.

Making the decision to bike and then going to step further to using your bike to commute would probably change the way you see the world. For starters, the world becomes your play field and it is a beautiful one at that.

On the flip side, each ride could be a painful and unpleasant experience if you fail to make the right choice for a bike. To get you started, I am going to review some of the best commuter bikes for beginners. Pair it with some solid footwear for the trail and you are set for your cycling journey.

Retrospec Harper Single Urban Commuter Bike

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

This is the bike for the urban dwellers. It is sleek enough to help you maneuver inner city traffic without any hassle. Yet, sporty enough to give you the workout you need to stay in great shape without requiring you to bend over in discomfort.

If you are not sure about spending so much money to get a good commuter bike for an entry level enthusiast like yourself, the Retrospec Harper offers a great bargain. The best part is that this offer comes with great features that will amaze even the staunchest skeptic. I can’t go over everything, so I focused on my favorite things.

1. It Has a Good Weight

This is by no means the lightest bike on the block, but you would have no problems carrying it up or down the stairs. I am all the more impressed by this feature because it has a steel frame, yet it feels super light. You want a bike that is sturdy enough to handle the heavy work but still light enough to lift over your head when you get into a tight spot.

2. It Has a Single Speed

This is one of those case where ‘more’ doesn’t mean better. As a beginner, you might want a bike that offers you the basic riding experience without all the bells and whistles. The single speed feature of this bike gives you simplicity on a budget and everything else generally speaking. Just don’t go mountain climbing anytime soon.

3. It Comes In Several Colors

The bike that you eventually settle for doesn’t have to cramp on your style. The Retrospec Harper comes in over 5 gorgeous bike colors. So, whether you are flamboyant and flashy or on the reserved side, you are bound to find something up your alley.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Commuter Bike

Schwinn Hybrid commuter Bikes for Men and Women with Aluminum Frame, 21-Speed

This entry level bike is the ideal option for the urban explorer so that he or she (yes, it swings both ways) can have the option of tackling the paved roads of the inner city or the bumpy trails of their favorite mountain paths. Ladies, there are more starter bike options for you here.

As a hybrid, the Schwinn Discover bike gives you the best of both worlds. As a feature on the best entry level commuter bike list, it stands in a class all on by itself and over the next few minutes, you would understand why. If you want something that can serve you in the long run, this is one of those bikes that will do it for you.

1. It Has an Adjustable Sport Seat

This bike is designed to be used by both men and women which is great. But what is even better is having a seat that you can adjust to maximize your comfort on the bike. You want a situation where a long-distance commute is enjoyable and perfectly safe.

2. It Has a 21-Speed Drivetrain

With the varying speed on this bike, you can easily ride on different terrains. Each speed is determined or defined by the combination of gears and with this combination, you can make pedaling the bike as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. You would enjoy this feature best when you get the perfect rotation setting for your bike.

3. It Has Swept Back Upright Handlebars

In some circles, these are known as the moustache bars. The bars are excellent for short distance rides as you wouldn’t feel the impact if riding these bars that much. But if you are putting in some mileage or doing a terrain with a lot of resistance, your wrists and hands might bear the brunt of the work you put into maneuvering the bike.

Sixthreezero Around the Block Entry Level Commuter Bike

 Men's 7-Speed Entry Level Commuter Cruiser Bike

This is your standard city boy bike. It is what would happen if a regular commuter bike fell in love with a cruiser and had a baby. It was made for that easy, comfortable bike life. However, just because the manufacturer’s intention was ease does not mean that they went to sleep on the design.

There are some impressive work and thoughtfulness that went into the creation of this beauty. So, if you are big on style, the Sixthreezero cruiser might have your name on it. There are also some other cool perks to consider.

1. It Has Multiple Speed Options

You can choose to keep your bike riding for quick trips around your neighborhood or leisure rides to the parks by opting for the bike with a 1-speed setting. Or, you can embrace the explorer within and go all out with the 21-speed setting. In between, you have the 3-speed and 7-speed bike. You decide what kind of biker you want to be.

2. It Has Wide Cruiser Handlebars with Foam Grips

The guys at sixthreezero take comfort seriously and this would explain these handlebars which are super comfortable for long or short distance riding. The bars would keep you in an upright position and because they[the manufacturers] rightly anticipated the seating problem with this kind of handle, they ensured that the seat had extra padding.

3. It Has a Low Pedal Position

If you have ever ridden a bike before, you would know how mildly annoying it might be to take your feet off the pedal and trying to find a comfortable way to stand and balance. This bike eliminates that and makes the transition from pedaling to standing seamless. I also like that there are several frame options suitable for people between 5’4” and 6’5”.

So, there you have it. My best entry level commuter bike list.

There are several other bikes I would love to include here but as I said, this is good enough to get you started. At the end of the day, what matters is what you are most comfortable with. So, keep this in mind when bike shopping.

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