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Best Low Profile Bike Helmets 2022

Whether you’re mountain biking or commuting on the road, call for a low profile bike helmet.  You don’t want to wear a traditional style helmet that makes you look like a mushroom. If you need a bike head safety gear that fits the way you ride then consider wearing a low profile cycle helmet.

Lowest profile cycling helmets are lightweight, stylish, easy to store and are affordable. They often come with advanced safety and features like, adjustable fit system, aerodynamic, MIPS and lots of ventilation, which provides you with the greatest safety and comfort.

Here are some of the best low profile cycling helmets you can buy that will enhance your cycling experience.


Best Low Profile Road Helmet: Bell Formula

Best Smart Low Profile Bicycle Helmet: Sena R1

Best Low Profile Mountain Bike Helmet: Lixada Adult Bike Helmet and Mokfire Adult Bike Helmet

Best Low Profile Bike Helmet For large head: Giro Revel and PHZ

Best Low Profile Women’s Helmet: Giro Vasona

Best Low Profile Commuter Helmet: POC Omne 

 8 Best Low Profile Bike Helmets: A Safe and Stylish investment In 2020

Best Low Profile Road Helmet


Bell Formula LED MIPS Adult Bike Helmet - Slice Matte/Gloss White/Silver - Medium (55–59 cm)

Bell Formula LED MIPS Adult Road Helmet

Bell Formula adult low profile road helmet is created with a Multi-directional Impact Protection System MIPS. This MIPS technology inside the helmet protects your head against rotational and vertical impacts.

With its fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell design the bell Formula helmet features a rechargeable LED light and the back of the helmet. This safety feature is great for riding early mornings, late evening or in the day to increase visibility to other road users.

Pros: Equipped with MIPS system, lightweight fit, dual adjusting, rear light

Cons: using the rear light may be a challenge

Best Smart Low Profile Bicycle Helmet

Sena Unisex lowest profile cycling Cycling Helmet

Sena R1 Smart Communications Helmet

A Low profile bicycle helmet is not only smaller and lighter than traditional-style bike helmets. Today they are also equipped with smart features so you can communicate with your riding partner. The Sena R1 comes with built-in speakers so you can pair it with your smartphone and listening to music.  It also includes a built-in mic so you can have a group intercom with up to 3 other riders. With these smart features the Sena R1 offers a comfortable and secure fit while protecting you against head impacts.

Pros: Smartphone connectivity, group chat, built-in speakers

Cons: High price point

Best Low Profile Mountain Bike Helmet

lowest profile Bike Helmet with Back Light Mountain and Road

Lixada Adult Bike Helmet

This Lixada Bike Helmet is a 22 vents construction low profile mountain bike helmet that uses a magnetic visor shield for eye protection and a 3 mode LED safety light that warn others coming from behind.

This helmet can fit several head size by way of its rear adjusting knob and adjustable side straps. This helmet will give you a Comfortable custom fit which is ideal for mountain trail and rocky terrains.

This helmet is CPSC certified; its liner padding is detachable and washable, super lightweight and reduces air resistance.

Pros: Magnetic visor, adjustable Size System, aerodynamic design, keeps you cool

Cons: Head size for 57- 62cm, if your head is too small it will not fit securely.

MOKFIRE Bike Helmet with USB Light, Bicycle Helmet for Men and Women, Road Cycling & Mountain Biking Helmets

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

The MOKFIRE mountain bike helmet is ultra-lightweight and does not feel bulky or heavy in use. At only  10.6 ounces or 300 grams you’ll hardly notice that it’s on your head. Built with an in-mold EPS form core and an outer polycarbonate shell, this helmet will give you extra protection from accidental damage.

When it gets too dark the MOKFIRE offers a USB rechargeable rear light that keeps you visible to other users of the road from behind. Ideal for road cycling and mountain biking, the helmet has 22 large vents built into it which provides better air circulate throughout the helmet.

This helmet can be adjusted to give you a snug and level fit by way of its dial adjuster at the rear and side straps.

Pros: USB safety light, durable and lightweight, good ventilation, adjustable size, CPSC certified

Cons: Its rear light could be brighter

Best Low Profile Bike Helmet For large head

Giro Revel Cycling Universal Adult Helmet (54-61 cm)

Giro Revel Cycling Helmet

Perfect for every day riding the Giro Revel is specially designed to fit cyclists with a larger head. This helmet boasts a Roc Loc Sport fit adjustable system that allows you to fine-tune the helmet fit between a 54cm and 61 cm head size.

This Roc Loc fit system also reduces the forwards and backwards movement or shifting of the helmet so you focus more on your ride.

The Giro Revel helmet uses an In-mold polycarbonate shell construction with EPS liner and coupled with 22 vents for cooling.

Pros: Fit multiple users, great price point, good ventilation

Cons: Visor offer poor shade from the sun

PHZ. 7346007 Adult Bike CPSC Certified Helmet with Rechargeable Led Back Light/Detachable Visor Ideal for Men and Women

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

In most cases a low profile helmet is lighter than a conventional helmet that will weigh you down and make your head looks like a mushroom. This PHZ adult Bike helmet is built from lightweight material and is CPSC Certified.

It offers 23 air-flow vents that provide good ventilation, an adjustable regulator at the back that can adjust the height and circumference fit of the helmet. Along with adjustable side straps to give you a better wear on your head. It also features a detachable visor that will give you coverage against rain or shine.

This helmet also boasts a rechargeable LED rear light that has 3 flash modes for safer cycling at night or under low light condition

Pros: Fit multiple users, safety rear light, affordable, great for large head

Cons: Some customers complain rear light too dim

Best Low Profile Women’s Helmet

Giro Vasona MIPS Bike Helmet (Matte White/Silver, Universal Women)

Giro Vasona MIPS Bike Helmet

Ranked as one of the top bike helmet brands, Giro Vasona low profile helmet for woman not only gives you protection against impact but it’s also cute.

With 6 earth colors to choices you can customize it to your liking. This helmet gets top marks for its safety feature. It uses the MIPS Technology to protect against rotational and vertical impacts, and constructed from an in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner.

It also offers a removable visor and a lot of vents to keep you cool.

Pros: MIPS Technology, adequacy ventilation, visor, great price

Cons: Nothing to take about here


Best Low Profile Commuter Helmet

POC Omne Air Spin Bike Helmet for Commuters and Road Cycling, Lightweight, Breathable and Adjustable, Antimony Blue, Medium

POC Omne Air Spin Commuters Bike Helmet 

If you don’t like conventional bike helmets, consider the POC Omne low profile helmet for bike commuting. Apart from its lightweight, ample airflow and safety features, it’s also a cool bike helmet.

The Omne features 360° size adjustment system along with adjustable straps for a precise fit and extra comfort on long rides.

With a Shearing Pad Inside “SPIN” and its crash protection EPS liner, this makes a suitable helmet for your everyday commute. It’s available in nine different colors.

Pros: Adjustable Size System, well ventilated, SPIN system for extra protection

Cons: High price point

POC Bike Helmet for Commuters and Road Cycling

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