Best Over Ear Headphones for Cycling
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The 7 Best Over Ear Headphones for Cycling

If you are an avid cyclist who enjoys listening to podcasts or music while you ride, you probably know of the struggles associated with the task. Cycling with headphones can be hard as many in-ear headphones or earbuds will fall out of your ears when you move around a lot like you do while cycling.

In ear headphones can also hurt your ears with extended use, so what type of headphones are the best alternative? If you have any of these problems while cycling, over ear headphones may be the best type of headphones for you.

They will fit comfortably over your ear and can be adjusted to fit snugly onto your head, meaning they won’t slip out of your ear or fall off while you cycle. As over-ear headphones are also padded with memory foam, they will rest over your ear instead of disturbing and hurting the inside of it.

So, if you’re looking to invest in over ear headphones to ditch your old pair, here are the 7 best over ear headphones for cycling!

Cowin E7 Noise Cancelling Headphones For Cycling

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30 Hours Playtime for Travel/Work, Black

Let’s start off with Cowin’s noise-canceling headphones. There are plenty of benefits to these over ear headphones, but firstly, and most importantly to some, they are noise cancelling. They have advanced noise-canceling technology that can block out unnecessary noise on your cycling trips.

As these headphones are also wireless, they will not get caught on your bicycle or anything you cycle past, making them safe to wear. Since they are wireless, they will need to be charged.

But, the good thing with these headphones is that they offer 30 hours of continuous playtime per charge. Just don’t forget to charge them as it will take 4 hours to charge the headphones fully.

They also have a built-in microphone perfect for hands-free calls. You can pair your headphones with your smart watch or phone to have a clear conversation while you cycle.

Also, most headphones come in black to suit most people, these headphones, however, come in blue, green, purple, red, white and gold in addition to black. This will allow the wearer to better express their personality and style.

Lastly, these headphones have comfortable, almost skin-like ear pads to ensure that they don’t cause discomfort. The padding and smooth texture coupled with the swiveling ear cups allow the user to wear these headphones comfortably all day.

That being said, all headphones should be taken off every 2-3 hours to ensure your ears and head remain comfortable.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, 40H Playtime, Hi-Res Audio, Deep Bass, Memory Foam Ear Cups, for Travel, Home Office

Anker’s audio brand Soundcore is loved by over 10 million users around the world, and for very good reason. Their noise-canceling Q20 over ear headphones have plenty of benefits.

These headphones offer stronger bass than many other over-ear headphones. The headphones use Soundcore’s BassUp technology to strengthen the bass. This makes them the perfect headphones for bass-heavy music like in EDM or heavy rock. This is optional and can be turned on by pressing the play button twice if you do want stronger bass.

Soundcore’s headphones are wireless and can last up to 40 hours of continuous play time in noise-canceling mode. In standard music mode, they can last 60 hours of continuous playtime. This equates to an average of over 600 songs, meaning the battery can probably last through all of your cycling trips for the week.

They are also comfortable headphones to wear as the ear cups are made of memory foam, meaning they will gently mold to your ear. This will keep them snug to your head to ensure they don’t fall off while you’re cycling. The headband is also adjustable to further fit the headphones to your head to keep them safe and comfortable.

Sennheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation, Black and Silver(HD 4.50 BTNC)

Next up is Sennheiser’s wireless headphones which are made with Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX technology. This means these headphones have excellent wireless sound quality.

One thing to note about these headphones is that the battery life when using them wirelessly is only about 19 hours of continuous use. The good news is that these headphones come with a connecting cable to plug into your phone or device when you’re not cycling so it won’t waste any battery.

The comfortable ear cups on Sennheiser’s headphones also have various controls to change tracks. Or, you can make calls via the integrated microphone. This will allow you to change, play or pause your song without having to stop cycling to take your phone out.

These headphones are also easy to store away safely when you’re not cycling or wearing them. The ear cups can swivel and the headband can fold to make the headphones compact. This makes them easy to store in their protective case that the headphones come with.

TaoTronics Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

TaoTronics Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear with 35H Playtime, Wireless Headphones Soft Protein Earpads Built-in Mic for Travel, Home Office Black

TaoTonics’ headphones are the perfect mix of noise-canceling and crystal-clear sound quality. This is perfect for blocking out unwanted city noise on your cycling trip.

The good thing about the noise cancellation technology in these headphones is that it is adjustable. You can turn it off and on as you please in case there’s something you want to listen out for. If it’s on, the noise cancellation can reduce ambient noise up to 30 decibels.

These headphones last for 35 hours of continuous use with Bluetooth on or 30 hours with Bluetooth and noise cancellation on. The battery can also be charged for 45 minutes to reach full charge, or if you’re in a rush you can get 2 hours of use out of just a 5 minute charge.

This is perfect for cyclists who are forgot to charge their headphones the night before they want to cycle.

TaoTronics’ headphones are also ergonomic. The headband is padded and adjustable meaning the headphones will seamlessly fit anyone. With memory foam, leather ear pads as well, you won’t want to take these off!

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Boltune Bluetooth 5.0 Over Ear Wireless Headphones

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Boltune Bluetooth 5.0 Over Ear Wireless Headphones with Mic Deep Bass, Comfortable Protein Earpads 30H Playtime for Travel Work TV PC Cellphone

These Boltune Bluetooth wireless headphones have great noise-canceling capabilities, even when you’re not playing music. If you turn on non-music noise reduction mode, the headphones will still be able to filter out outside noise ensuring you have a peaceful ride.

The advanced noise cancellation technology also extends to the microphone which is noise reducing, this will upgrade your call quality, ensuring you and the person you’re talking to are both clearly heard.

The battery offers 30 hours of continuous playtime and it takes less than an hour to fully charge it. If you’re in a rush, five minutes of charging will get you an extra two hours of use.

The earmuffs on these Boltune headphones are made of imitation protein and can revolve 90 degrees to make the fit more ergonomic and comfortable. They are also larger than other over-ear headphones to ensure they don’t pinch or cover your ear.

Lastly, Boltune’s over ear headphones come not only in the standard black, but also in grey and pink to let users have more choice in their headphones.

Mpow H19 IPO Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Mpow H19 IPO Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones with CVC8.0 Microphone, Hi-Fi Stereo Deep Bass, Rapid Charge 35H Playtime for TV, Online Class, Home Office

Mpow’s H19 IPO noise-canceling headphones offer great noise cancellation technology, reducing ambient noise up to 90% in either wired or wireless mode.

These headphones provide 35 hours of continuous playtime in wireless mode and come with a wire to connect to your device to save battery. A quick charge of ten minutes will grant you another 2 hours of playtime.

The sound-isolating ear cups are ergonomically made of memory foam protein to keep your ears comfortable. The headband is also adjustable to ensure the fit is snug, ensuring they will not fall off while you’re cycling.

Mpow’s H19 IPO headphones are perfect to use with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, and televisions meaning you will get a lot of use out of them, not just when you’re cycling.

The headphones also offer great sound quality as they feature 40mm large-aperture drivers with advanced acoustic technology. This, coupled with the noise cancellation technology, allows the headphones to deliver Hi-Fi sound.

Mpow Active Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones

Mpow Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear with 45H Playtime, Built-in Mic, Quick Charge, Wired/Wireless Headset for Travel, Online Class, Home Office, TV

Ending our list is another over ear headphones by Mpow, this version is slightly cheaper and comes in either black or rose pink.

This version also offers 45 hours of continuous playtime versus the 35 hours of the Mpow H19 IPO version. With a fast charging function as well, you can charge these headphones for ten minutes to offer two extra hours of playtime.

These Mpow over ear headphones have genuine protein ear pads to reduce friction on your ears and ensure your ears are comfortable. With an adjustable and foldable headband as well, these headphones will not fall off and are easy to pack away.

The sound quality on these headphones is great as well, making hands-free calls via Bluetooth easy and clear. The noise cancellation technology will ensure that outside noise will not disrupt your call or your music.