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9 Tips for Storing Your Bike in Small Spaces

To store a bike in a small apartment can be difficult, especially in a situation when you don’t have a garage and are struggling to find enough free space.

If that appears to be you, then you’ve got to check the below-described ideas on how to store your bike in the best way possible.  

So, how to store my bike in my apartment? The most popular places and things that can help you keep your bicycle indoor are:

  1. A porch or a balcony
  2. Bike cover that can fit the interior 
  3. Laundry room
  4. Behind any sofa or a TV commode
  5. Coat closet
  6. Garage space
  7. Bicycle wall racks
  8. Bike Column
  9. Hangers and hooks 

If you have an excellent imagination for interior design, then you can add many more new opportunities to place the bike at your home.

Make Use of your Apartment Porch or Balcony

If your apartment has a balcony or a porch, then you can store your bike there. It’s out of your living space. 

To do that, you might need to consider some things first, such as securing the bike with a lock on it, and make sure that no one can steal it.  

This safety tip is usually required if you live in a bottom level apartment or a single-family house.  

The other requirement is to put on a bike cover that’ll keep your bike safe from weather conditions. 

Take Advantage of Indoor Bike Covers That will Match Your Interior

If you don’t have a balcony that’s large enough to fit a bike, then the next option to store the bike is inside. 

Purchase an indoor bike cover on amazon that’s a perfect match for your living room and make it a fun place to live.

The benefits of the indoor bike covers are:

  1. You don’t have to worry no more that you’ll bring sand or dirt on the carpet, which is most likely to happen if the bike’s not covered. 
  2. You can choose a cover that’ll flawlessly blend in with the colors of your furniture.

Make Use of the Laundry Room If the Space Is Big Enough

Another excellent and useful idea to store your bike is in the laundry room. 

If the wall space is large enough, then all you have to do is purchase a wall mount for bikes, install it and hang the bike on. 

The advantages of storing your bike in the laundry room are:

  1. You don’t spend much time there, and it’s out of your living area.
  2. The floor is easy to clean from bike marks/dirt compared to cleaning them on the carpet.

Take Advantage of Large Furniture by Storing It behind Them

Storing the bike behind the sofa is one of the most used strategies that people use. 

If you have some free space behind the couch, bed, or any other larger furniture, you can rollover your bike in the back (next to the wall). 

This storage idea can be found less attractive for some people that don’t want their bike to be seen, which is not the case with others that don’t have the same opinion.

In any case, to store your bike behind the furniture can be a great way to save space and to avoid running into it every time you pass the room.

Hide it in Your Apartment Closet

If you don’t want the bike to stand out in your apartment, then the best option is to hide it in your closet.

You’ll need to be very careful though not to put it next to your clothes. You don’t want them to get greasy from the chain or dirty from the tires.

Despite that, the advantages of storing your bike in the closet are that it’s easily accessible, and in most apartments, it’s closest to the front door.

To widen the space inside, you can move some clothes to your wardrobe in the bedroom or put them on a hanging clothes organizer.

Make Use of Your Garage Space If You Have One

Storing the bike in your garage is the best way possible, at least for the ones that own one.

The best thing about having a garage is that it’s outside of your apartment, and you don’t need to worry about the dirt you’ll take inside.

Usually, the garage is on the main floor of the building, so you don’t have to climb up the stairs with your bike if the elevator is not working.

Use up Vertical Space Instead Of Horizontal with a Wall Bicycle Rack

Some people don’t want to hang their bikes on the wall; however, doing this can save you 100% space in your apartment.

There are wall racks that can hang on the bicycle in a horizontal or vertical position.

Putting the bike in a vertical position is better as it can take less space, and you can get a system that pulls up the bike to the ceiling, so the floor space is unoccupied. 

While installing the rack, you need to make sure that it can hold the bike tightly, so it doesn’t fall. 

Store Your Bike on the Wall by Utilizing Bike Hangers or Hooks

You want to fulfill your blank space on the wall? No problem, you can install a hook into your ceiling and hang up your bike.

Hangers or hooks can be installed not only into ceilings but also into closets, small garages or porches. 

That way, you’ll save up more space, and if you don’t want the bike to show too much, you can hang up a curtain.

 Simplify Storage with a Bike Column

You need to check this another useful idea of storing your bike. 

It’s called a bike column, and it’s a more sophisticated way to store your bike in an apartment. See examples of a bike column here on Amazon

Check out its benefits:

  1. It can hold two to four bikes at the same time, and it’s adaptable for any ceiling height.
  2. The rack can be adjusted so that any size bike can fit.
  3. It’s easy to install, and you don’t need to make a hole in the wall.

Bike Racks For Apartments

Wall Rack for Bikes

To store the bike on a wall rack can save you a lot of space in your apartment.

To hang the rack, you’ll need a drilling machine to drill into the wall.

Once installed, place the bike by the wheels, and it’s better to hang it closer to the front door.

Opt for a Bike Butler

The bike butler can be a useful and genuine idea to store your bike in your apartment.

Its design is to hold only one bike, and because of that, it doesn’t take much space. 

It has an adjustable grabber for seat post to fit every style bicycle, and it can fold against the wall, then it’s not in use.

Try The World’s Smallest Bike Rack

This product can store your bike, save space, keep your area clean and make you sleep peacefully, knowing that your bike is safe and secure at your home.

Check out its great benefits: 

  1. It’s the world’s smallest bike rack that can be easily attached to any wall or vertical surface.
  2. You can store the bike in a vertical or horizontal position against any surface. If vertically installed, the rear tire needs to rest on the floor.
  3. Available to fit different bikes such as Roadie, Hybrid, MTB, XL, and XXL.
  4. It’s hardly visible but can organize your indoor and outdoor spaces, increase usage of the floor area, and keep a low profile. 
  5. It has all the installing equipment needed, contains one rack per bike, and there’s no need for hooks, straps, bars, or other material.

The worlds smallest bike rack, the CLUG Bike Clip can be bought here on Amazon

Bike Wall Hanger

The Bike Wall Hanger gives you the additional free space needed by taking the bike in the air by the top tube.

The arms of the wall hanger can be adjusted to fit the bike’s size and to have enough space in the middle between the bike and the wall. 

Now that you’ve learned the above useful tips on how to store your bike most effectively, we believe that we’ve helped you optimize your space at home. 

Related Questions: 

Is It Okay To Hang A Bike By The Wheel?

Some of the people claim that you can hang the bike on its wheel, and it’s completely safe.

Others say that it isn’t a good idea, and can cause severe damage to the rim since the whole weight of the bike focuses on the wheel. 

How Much Space Do You Need To Store A Bike?

How much space you’ll need depends on what is the size of the bike and how many bikes you have.

To store a single adult bike, the dimensions where you’ll put the bike should be around 1.8m long, 0.56m wide, and 1.07m high. 

Is It Wrong To Keep Your Bike Outside?

Leaving your bike outdoor for a couple of days won’t do any harm, but if you keep your bike outside for more than a week, you may notice some signs of rust.

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