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4 Best Wall Mounted Bike Rack Guide

Although there are several other ways you can have fun outdoors, cycling offers many people an exciting way to enjoy time outside the home with friends and family. While you may not mind spending a couple of dollars on an excellent mountain bike, having your own bike and having a safe space to keep it is often a huge challenge for most people.

For that reason, you need the best wall mounted bike rack to help you store your bike as safely as possible. To help you find the right rack with which to hang your bike on the wall in your apartment, we have provided a list of the best racks.

They are some of the best racks on the market, and they will blend into your home seamlessly, irrespective of space or room size.

Steadyrack Classic Rack

Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack - 2 Pack

Are you looking for a bike rack that swivels out of your way and can hold a lot of weight? The Steadyrack classic bike rack is one of the few Vertical bike hooks for wall designed to hold one bike in place. It features a swivel that makes this rack perhaps the most space-saving contraption.

It begins with a 90-degree angle and lets you load your bike easily by rolling the front wheel up your wall and onto the cradle. This secures your bike in place and can support a wide range of tire sizes from various angles. After you have secured your bike in place, it can be rotated so that it hangs flat on your wall. This helps to keep the bike out of your way.

Although it is designed for a single bike, this rack is a cost-effective option and you can buy several if you wish to hang more bikes. It is suited for bikes with wheel sizes between 20 and 29 inches in diameter and supports wheel with a thickness of 2.4 inches.

For best result, try to purchase your own hanging hooks. Even though the accompanying pack works just fine, it is somewhat flimsy and can come off the wall with prolonged hanging. Also, ensure there is ample space between racks so that all your bikes clear your floor. CHECK ON AMAZON

Wall Mounted Bike Racks for Garage

TidyGarage Wall Mounted Bike Rack

If your family loves bikes, it is possible you have several and storage may be a little challenging in such a case. Often, the garage is the best place to store bikes, and even in there, getting around can be a tough task.

However, with this bike rack, you can easily store your bikes out of the way with the help of wall mounted bike racks for your garage. If you do not mind a permanent fixture on your garage wall, this rack is the best option. It is triangular in shape, made of metal and features hooks that you use to hold up to 6 bikes.

This rack is fairly priced and amazingly easy to operate, particularly because only a single rack is needed to hold up multiple bikes. However, ensure that you fix your rack onto a stud wall. Also, check the weight capacity of all your bikes so that they will not exceed its 300 lbs. limit. With the recommended number of bikes, you should not have much to worry about since the metal framing is fairly strong.

Your bikes will store very well if you alternate their directions. In addition, another space-saving tip is to adjust all pedals on your bikes allowing them to pass through the rack framing. Alternatively, you could purchase an additional rack and store all your bikes in the horizontal direction rather than keeping them all vertically. CHECK ON AMAZON

CorSurf Foldaway

COR Surf Bike Rack Wall | Bamboo Fold-Away Bicyle Mount | Made with Eco-Friendly Sustainable Bamboo

This Indoor bike wall mount is unlike all the others you may have come across. Not only does it convert your lovely bike into a piece of art for everyone to look at and admire, but it can also fold away when your bike is in use.

It is a shelf-rack combination that has additional space for other accessories you may want to place in the provided shelf.  If you are environmentally conscious, then this rack is an ideal choice because its material is all bamboo.

It features a double hook made of wood and can support your bike’s frame at two points. However, it will support your bike’s bulk if you use it as intended. In addition, your bike must have a thin frame so that it can fit into the non-adjustable hook. In addition, a bar protrudes perpendicular to the wall to help you secure your bike horizontally.

A bike for women, a bike with a full suspension or any bike that has a non-standard frame cannot be supported on this frame.

Since hardware is the only challenge where this rack is concerned, you may have to purchase additional vertical bike hooks for wall or screws to give the rack extra stability.


Dirza Bike Garage Mount Rack

Dirza Bike Rack Garage Wall Mount Bike Hanger Storage System Vertical Bike Hook for Indoor Shed - Easily Hang/Detach - Heavy Duty Holds up to 65 lb with Screws Black

If you wish to cut costs and are looking for vertical bike mounts for your wall that will take up less space, this wall mounted bike racks for a garage is the best option.

It is designed as a rubberized wall mount hook that you bolt onto your stud wall. To store your bike, you need to lift its front wheel up and hook its frame onto the hook. It features a plate that prevents a bike’s wheel from scratching your wall.

This rack has a weight limit of 65 lbs. It is pocket-friendly so you can purchase a couple more to hook up multiple bikes. It is an ideal choice for spaces like the garage where there is plenty of room to work with.

If you are looking to hand more than two bikes, be sure to add some kind of board or find additional studs to help you mount your bikes. CHECK ON AMAZON

Things to consider when buying a wall mounted bike rack

Now that you know racks can help you store your bikes securely out of the way, you also need to know how to choose one. You might be wonder which from our list will best suit your needs. We will tackle this question in the segment below. This is a list of the things to consider when purchasing a rack for your home.

The home

Carefully assess the space in your home to find out the kind of rack that might be suitable for your garage or house. Based on personal tastes, you may choose a freestanding bike rack that needs no drilling or screwing. This is ideal for drywalls or homeowners who do not want permanent fixtures in the house. However, if your home has little space to spare, the best option is wall-mounted racks.


A bike rack is meant to help you save space and still allow you to store your bikes out of the way. If space is your biggest worry, you need to consider rack size because racks come in different sizes. Size ranges from compact all the way to large.

If you want a good quality bike rack that will also save you plenty of space, consider one that you will mount on the wall.


When you go out to shop for a wall mounted bike rack, operate within your budget. Do not go for a rack that is out of your reach. Although most of the racks on the market seem affordable, there are some expensive ones. So, go for that rack that is within your price range.


Customer reviews can help you find out whether a product is fit for purpose. So, go on Amazon and read what other people say about the product you wish to buy. This will also help you know many other important things like installation or maintenance.

Wrap Up

Space is often at a premium, especially if you live in an apartment that gives you no choice but to spare as much space as you can. Fortunately, you can still own one or two bikes because you can mount them all out of the way with the help of bicycle mounts.

We have reviewed four of the best wall mounts for your bike, and we hope that one of them has the features you are looking for in a bike mount. When you head out to shop, consider the thing to look for we have listed. You will find that it becomes easy to choose a bike mount.

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